Your 2017 Horoscope has Arrived and It is Looking Good

It's about time to ring in the new year, wipe the slate clean and start over with fresh resolutions and new goals. Albeit we often set our sights high and a bit lofty, but no need to go it alone. If 2016 had you scratching your head with an even more cra outlook on 2017 it might be time to rein it in with a message of encouragement from the sun moon and stars. Look no further than Haute Bauble, your Zodiac Jewelry supplier, for an outlook that will help us get 2017 off to the right start.  A special thank you to  Omaha's resident Astrologer, Michael Svehla of Triple Water Astrology for taking a look and giving us all the upper hand this coming year.


2017 is about embracing both the past and future for your fiery sign. Creativity is a strong suit for Aries this year, and you may find that your natural passion and drive will be funneled into causes that mesh with your more idealistic self. Reaching new heights is also in the cards for Aries in 2017, and your initiative and assertive nature works well for helping you ascend to new levels, in career or more personal endeavors. Shop Haute Bauble's Aries Zodiac Jewelry.

Keyword for Aries in 2017: Revolution.


This next year is focused on friendships and definitely on family. Expanding your horizons is linked to developing the mind, in addition to a very social and communicative type of experience in store for your earthy Sun, in 2017. Do watch for shocks and surprises as you navigate this next year. The steady endurance and stability of your Sun conflicts a bit with the possibilities for upheavals this year, but you have plenty of staying power to accomplish what you need to.  Check out more Taurus Jewelry.

Keyword for Taurus in 2017: Crossroads.

Gemini Pendant Necklace

Gemini Pendant Necklace


The pending year tends to be more career focused for Gemini Sun. 2017 portends the opportunity to use your networking and communication skills to shine in public. Gemini has plenty of dedication and focus available as well, for career or personal life. This year has the feel of authority for Gemini; your flexibility will help you roll with the tougher times this year, as well as work within set structures, such as at work. Your intellect also has an added element of creativity at your disposal, to your benefit. See all of Haute Bauble's Gemini jewelry.

Keyword for Gemini in 2017: Conclusion.


Home and family, central to Cancer Sun, contains added spontaneity this year. 2017 portends gregarious times for Cancer, but this might feel demanding on your needs for privacy. Personal growth, through reading or forming new relationships, also gives your year a boost. Expressing your unique self, and exchanging new ideas for work or pleasure, also gives Cancer reasons to look forward to 2017.  See all of Haute Bauble's Cancer Zodiac Jewelry.

Keyword for Cancer in 2017: Transitions.


2017 contains an overarching theme of building personal power, for Leo Sun, and this largely pertains to doing so in career. If your mighty Sun has opportunities to lead other people, go for it! This year is also favorable for showing your flair in a more conservative manner, such as with sharp classic outfits. As with Aries, Leo is a bit more idealistically oriented this year, and Leo will have plenty of passion and ambition to make things happen.  Love your Leo with our Leo Zodiac Jewelry.

Keyword for Leo in 2017: Repetition.


Playing your strengths – service, work, attention to detail, practicality, efficiency – works well for Virgo in 2017, particularly in career. Your sharp mind will also likely be adept at finding creative ways to use available resources, or obtain new ones; again, this can be very effective in career. A passionate commitment is also a boost for Virgo this year. Drawing upon past experiences, in order to more quickly and effectively reach your future goals, is another demanding, but uplifting, theme for you.  See all of Haute Bauble's Virgo Zodiac Jewelry.

Keyword for Virgo in 2017: Awareness.

Libra Zodiac Charm Bangle Bracelet


This year, Libra’s natural penchant for balancing is useful for participating in groups. Your airy Sun and diplomatic orientation mesh well with participating in groups and perhaps leading them in 2017. Enjoying abundance as a member of a broader community is another aspect of this year to look forward to. Setting aside a day or two this year to indulge in the arts with a significant other can also be fun. Your strong mind also has access to imaginative creativity.  Visit Haute Bauble for all your Libra Zodiac Jewelry needs.

Keyword for Libra in 2017: Resolution.


Your Sun is acclimated to transformation, and 2017 strongly pertains to innovative personal growth for Scorpio Sun. Restrictions may be annoying, but ironically they can help you use your power most efficiently, in order to attain your desires in work or personal life. This year may have a few reversals in store for you. Generally, however, Scorpio can use this as an opportunity to expand interests, particularly in career.  Visit Haute Bauble for your Scorpio Jewelry.

Keyword for Scorpio in 2017: Kinship.


2017 is about relationships for Sagittarius, to a large extent. Plenty of communication and togetherness defines this year for you. This is also a year of learning and innovation for you. Your skill in adapting, in addition to the nice ‘learning and innovation’ theme, will help mitigate difficult transitions in work, if the situations arise. Authority can also be of assistance this year, particularly if you reach out, and relationships are definitely a strong suit.  We have your Sagittarius Zodiac Necklace right here.

Keyword for Sagittarius in 2017: Pursuit.

Capricorn Pendant Necklace

Photo c/o Cut and Chic Vintage

Capricorn Zodiac Pendant Necklace


The pending year contains a fair amount of mirth, optimism, and potential growth for your industrious, ambitious Sun. This is also a year of forging your own path, if you so choose. The opportunity is definitely present! Capricorn Sun may find new ways of attaining efficient outcomes, and use new ideas in order to fulfill ambitions. You are also apt to encourage and direct other people to be their best, helping to make 2017 a fulfilling year.  Visit Haute Bauble for more Capricorn Zodiac Jewelry.

Keyword for Capricorn in 2017: Preservation.


A theme of “controlled expansion” works well for Aquarius in 2017. A steady, determined pace towards reaching goals in simple steps contains great promise for your thoughtful self. Given the effort, expanding your influence in career or among a wide circle of acquaintances is also in the cards for this year. Actively giving encouragement helps make your year more fulfilling, and finding those who give encouragement to you enables you to keep hammering at tough, but surmountable, obstacles.  Your Aquarius Zodiac Jewelry is at Haute Bauble.

Keyword for Aquarius in 2017: Culmination.


Pisces Sun has an active, competitive type year ahead. Your transcending Sun has a fair amount of drive and will this year to draw projects and personal endeavors to completion. If you are more career driven, your natural imaginative qualities mix well with work, if you give the initial effort to make it happen. You are also most likely of the signs, along with Aries, to feel the reverberations of the past as you boldly forge a path into the future to your destiny!  Pisces Zodiac Jewelry is found here.

Keyword for Pisces in 2017: Intuition.

Let's pop the champagne and ring in 2017 knowing are stars are in line.  Put your fashion foot forward with a simple pendant that shows exactly who you are.  Shop Haute Bauble's  Zodiac Pendant JewelryZodiac Bracelets and all the other great astrology accessories perfect for gift giving or self-giving.  For more information on Michael and all of his astrology services visit him online at