Vintage Jewelry Terms You Should Know

After years of collecting and researching vintage jewelry, I have come to realize that some of the terms used in collected are not always wide spread.  If your a vintage jewelry lover and/or new to collecting, you might want to brush up on some of the lingo that will aid in your search, whether online or off.  Here is a short list of just a few vintage jewelry terms you should know:

Demi Parure - A matching set of jewelry usually consisting of matching earrings, necklace and bracelet.  If you have a full set it is just known as a parure.  "Demi" is not exactly a full set, but close.

Fruit Salad - Refers to a colorful grouping of rhinestones that resemble various "fruit" colors.

Jelly Belly - A pin or brooch that is usually an animal figure or person where their stomach is represented by a colorful round cabochon.  Very kitschy if you ask me.

Unsigned Root Beer Butterfly BroochRoot Beer - A dark brown rhinestone that resembles the color of root beer, easy enough.

Verdigris - A green parasitic patina that forms on vintage jewelry after years of exposure to air and moisture.  

Cabochon -  A round oval stone (sometimes made from glass or plastics) that is slightly domed with a flat back.  It is typically polished by not cut into facets like a rhinestone.

Whiting and Davis Cameo Bracelet

Cameo - A large or sometimes small cabochon with a raised outline of a persons face, very Victorian.

Watermelon - A type of rhinestone that reflects a rainbow of colors with highlights on green and red.Juliana - A highly collectible line of jewelry designed by Delizza and Elster that can only be recognized by certain markers.  For more information see here.

Aurora Borealis - A special treatment put on clear rhinestones to create an iridescent look.  It comes in all different color variations and ranges from beads to rhinestones. 

Clamper - Typically a large style of bracelet that opens on a hinge and clamps down around your wrist.  One of my favorite, larger than life styles comes from the designer Weiss