Jewelry Organization that will Blow Your Mind!

The one thing we know at Haute Bauble and know really well is jewelry. From vintage collections to multi-layered pieces, the Haute Bauble studio is a treasure trove for any jewelry lover. Full disclosure, we are lacking in the area of organization. Truth be told, organization is especially difficult for any creative that jumps from one task to another. Guilty as charged!

After recently misplacing a  vintage gemstone cocktail ring, and  a day spent desperately searching through bins and totes, It has been decided that something must be done.  Lucky enough, Omaha has finally moved to the big time and we now have our very own Container Store.  That's right, perfect little boxes, bags and trays are now at my finger tips.  I have never been to The Container Store before and at first I found it a little overwhelming, but as I walked the pristine shelves full of organization ideas, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Here are a few of my top picks.

Acrylic Jewelry Organization

Acrylic Bracelet Box  Acrylic Jewelry Stand Acrylic Earring Organizer

Acrylic Bracelet Box | Acrylic Jewelry Stands | Acrylic Earring Organizer

For personal storage and display, try these beautiful acrylic bracelet holders and acrylic necklace stands.  Choose from many configurations that will work well in any space.  Whether a shelf, table or maybe your vanity, you can now organize your space for function and with great beauty.  Choose from stacking acrylic drawers and boxes to earrings stands. There is something for every jewelry lover.  I personally love the bangle bracelet box not only for storage, but it also makes a great display case for vintage jewelry and antique treasures.

Jewelry Boxes and Cabinets

Stacking Accessories CaseBisley 5-Drawer CabinetMink Superzie Stackers Premium StorageWaverly Jewelry Box By Umbra

Stacking Accessories Case | Pink Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet | Mink Supersize Stackers Premium Storage | Waverly Jewelry Box By Umbra

The sky is the limit when it comes to stunning jewelry boxes and table top cabinets.  Choose from a wide range of colorful drawers that can be paired with plastic inserts perfect for storing all your  jewelry and  baubles.  Personalize your organization with stackable boxes and trays. You can truly customize your storage and enhance your closet space with the Containers Store's stacking accessory trays. You can go big and invest in some truly amazing organization or keep it simple and budget friendly.  The Waverly Jewelry Box is the perfect piece to display your vintage rings or stud earring pairs.  Every girl needs a plethora of rings!

Jewelry Travel

Navy & Aqua Tile in Bag Large Jewelry Organizer ClosedNavy & Aqua Tile in Bag Large Jewelry OrganizerHanger Pocket Accessory OrganizerWhite Folding Travel Tray

Navy & Aqua Tile in Bag Large Jewelry OrganizerHanger Pocket Accessory Organizer | White Folding Travel Tray

Keep your favorite pieces in line with all the great travelling solutions found at The Container Store. From folding jewelry bags and hanger bags to hard case boxes small enough for you to fit in your carry on, you will never travel with balled up  pendant necklaces or lose an earring in the bottom of your bag again.   For me, I love the White Folding Travel Tray because of its hard case.  It will ensure protection for your jewelry and accessories while your bag is tossed around the airport.

Personal Jewelry Safes

                              Personal Safe                                    Tim Bradley Book Safe

Personal Safe | Tim Bradley Book Safe

All jewelry fans have a few priceless pieces. Maybe the value is monetary or perhaps it’s just sentimental, but there are times when security is what you need most. The Container store has a great selection of fire proof safes for all your special jewelry. My most favorite is the book safe. Choose your size and hide your valuables on the shelf with all your reading materials. I also have to mention the personal safe. Not only is it small and discreet, but it is perfect for travel.

The Container Store is NOW open in Omaha, but if you can't make it to "O" town or aren't as lucky as we are, you can get all these great jewelry storage solutions and MORE, online at

For great jewelry to put inside all of these storage solutions, check out our great selection of vintage costume jewelry and simple pendant necklaces.  We have something for everyone.

The author of this post was compensated for her time with a store preview and tour as well as store credit. All opinions expressed, research and suggestions are that of the authors alone. Transparency people! It's a good thing.