Jewelry Hacks: How to Make Floating Earrings in 3 Simple Steps

What is a jewelry hack you ask? We would define it as an easy and stylish way to accessorize with minimal effort. In this jewelry hack, we show you how to make floating earrings in just 3 simple steps. Here's what you need:

Gold or silver headpin - These are available super cheap at any craft store that sells jewelry making supplies. If you have sensitive ears make sure and spend a little extra and get sterling silver or 14K gold.

Seed Beads - Tiny little beads, also available at any craft store that sells jewelry making supplies. You can choose from hundreds of options and varieties so mix it up.

Small wire cutters - Honestly, you can probably get away with scissors so don't think you need to buy something special. The wire cutters might just give a cleaner cut in case you need to trim back your head pin.

Step 1.

Thread your beads on to your head pin in a pattern or chaotic arrangement. If you're in need a few ideas, try something monochromatic or ombre, perhaps a whimsical rainbow, whatever your heart desires. For this piece we chose 11 beads, which might be a tad too long for some. For a simpler look just go with 5 or 6.

Supplies: Beads and Headpin

Step 2.

Bend your head pin right at the end of your beads so that the beads will not slip off and give the end a little trim with your cutters.

Stack Beads on Headpin

Step 3.

Thread the wire through your ear and pinch it tight so it stays suspended like it's "floating." Note, if the edge of your wire is too sharp, try pinching it with a pair of pliers or snipping just the tip to make for a smoother wire.

Thread Wire Through Ear

Now, go forth and create, but make sure and post your DIY's and tag @hautebauble so we can rave and share our Hautie's talents.