Inspired Accessories by The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Friends

As I rejoiced in April's return of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I fell in love with the varied cast of characters all over again, especially Mr. Titus Andromedon.  I realized that he and I have something in common, a love of jewelry and accessories.  One thing is for sure, Mr. Andromedon knows his way around vintage style and creating looks that only he could dream, such as my new favorite "shants"...a.k.a., shorts as long as pants. 

Titus Andromedon is not one to shy away from statement making jewelry.  

Take a page from Titus' book and let's accessorize for fashion success with bold necklaces, perfectly placed brooches and geometric lariats...ooooh dammit.

Titus promises a complex style with big baubles and large personality.  I love a statement bauble poking out from under a collared shirt. For me, it's white or maybe denim, but jazz it up a bit with some flair and a brightly colored pattern for an extra pop. (Check out this similar style here)

Titus Andromedon Statement Necklace

Choose a vintage brooch and stick it...anywhere.  Do as Titus does and add an abstract brooch to a solid color scarf or wrap a silk kerchief around your favorite hand bag followed by a pin or a cluster of pins to hold it all together. A personal favorite, add a large vintage brooch with some kitsch appeal to your jacket, pairing something fun and whimsical with a classic blazer or streamlined suit coat. 

Titus Andromedon Brooch

TItus knows good jewelry and he's a fella on a budget.  Great statement pieces come in all shapes, sizes and prices when you shop vintage or thrift.  If you want a Cleopatra size neck collar or a choker that has the personality of Madonna circa 1985? Then get to hunting for your next jewelry love.  Or shop Haute Bauble Vintage we may have already found it for you.

Titus Andromedon Necklace

When feeling like a cowl neck or maybe your really into scarfs, such as Titus; a long lariat necklace is the perfect piece to hang low under all your layers.  Whether your style is abstract and artsy or simple and geometric, a long lariat necklace is a staple piece when layering underneath fabrics such as baggy necklines and scarfs.

Titus Andromedon Lariat

It is Kimmy Schmidt herself, with her simple girlish style, full of color and interchangeable simple pendant necklaces that make her fashion so wearable and fun. She is the new "girl next door" the bunker that is.

We can't end this fashion post without a mention of Mrs. Voorhes and all her craziness.  Never a fashion misstep, but this post is about jewelry and not high end couture.  We will save that for another day.

Accessories Inspired By The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Voila!  Fabulousness courtesy of Titus Andromedon and his pals on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt...and this is from just the first four episodes.  No spoiler alerts here, just good accessories.