Careers In Fashion: Life as a Model in the Midwest

So you want to be a model eh? Want to spend your days wearing beautiful clothes surrounded by beautiful people, places and things? Then maybe modeling is for you. Despite all the misconceptions, this gig is more than just a pretty face and if you live thousands of miles from the nearest fashion city, you might just have your work cut out for you. Here to dispel the rumors is Allie Feighner. At 5'9.5, this native Omaha beauty is well on her way to super model status. When Allie is not strutting her stuff, you'll find her hanging out with her gal pals, working out or indulging in Omaha's foodie culture.

  • How did you get into modeling? Did you just stumble into it or is this something you have always wanted to do?

I definitely stumbled into it! Growing up I would have never wanted to do it and it never crossed my mind. I would’ve much rather been camping with my family or riding bikes around the neighborhood with my friends. I very randomly fell into it when I happened to walk by a model scout at a Taylor Swift concert. She ran me down and asked for my information and sizes and practically begged me to come to this casting for a chance to sign with a big agency. I was not really into the idea at first, but after a little push I let my dad take me. To my surprise I was one of the last girls chosen and even though I wasn’t ready to jump in head first and move away, it did help me get connected to a local agency which has gotten me to where I am today and I’m forever grateful!

  • What do you enjoy most about modeling and what is your least favorite part?

My favorite part about modeling is the life experience. Without modeling I would never be able to travel to the places I’ve been at such a young age. I’m also very grateful to have good friends all over the world. The downside to modeling is definitely leaving the people I’ve met and having more than one place feel like home.

  • Where are some of the places modeling has taken you?

Traveling is a big part of modeling especially dependent upon where your agency is located! I'm signed in Chicago, Miami, and Milan Italy so I've been lucky enough to spend time in all of those markets!

  • Can you share some stories of your travels?

I have so many crazy stories from Milan!  I have gotten lost and had to ask, what felt like, a thousand people before I found somebody who spoke mediocre English! The worst was my first day in Italy, also my first time ever over seas and I had to find my way back to my apartment from the agency and what should have been a 30 minute commute turned into a 3 hour one but after a couple weeks I had it down.

"I think something a lot of people don’t know about modeling is that it is a real job with real struggles and a lot of time, work, and dedication."

Careers In Fashion: Allie Feighner

  • With regards to your modeling career, give me one example of a time when you were faced with an obstacle and how you overcame it?

One of my biggest obstacles is leaving home when I know I won't be back for awhile. I got over that when I realized all of cool experiences I get to have being somewhere else.  Wherever I go always starts to feel like home after a while so I've overcome it by embracing my trips rather than fear them.

  • How would you describe your personal style when you are off the “modeling” clock? What is your favorite thing to wear?

Honestly I’m usually bumming in a oversized t-shirt and shorts, but my favorite style has to be boho-chic!

  • Where do you hope to be in 5 years? What are your long term goals with modeling or just with life in general?

In 5 years I would love to be making a living off of modeling and living in New York or at least direct booking to a bigger market year round. All I really hope for in life is that I finds God's purpose for me and that I make a difference.

   "Along with modeling being my job it’s also a full time lifestyle but I wouldn’t change it for the world!"

Careers In Fashion: Allie Feighner Model

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into modeling? Is there anything in your young career you would have done differently?

My advice for somebody just getting into modeling is to never give up, cliche I know but the industry is full of rejection and the good experiences are worth it.

  • If you could invite one person to lunch and it could be anybody, who would it be and why?

If I could invite anybody to lunch I would invite Cindy Crawford.  I would love to get her advice and hear about her experience being one of the top models ever.

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