Careers In Fashion: Be Your Own Boss

Sasha Speiker grew up in the Fashion and Modeling industry starting in beauty pageants and then on to modeling and acting shortly after. Starting at the young age of 7, Sasha has worked in print, commercial, voice, catalog, theater, and film for over 20 years.  After gaining years of valuable personal experience, Sasha opened her her own agency, Sasha Models where she focuses on teaching about the industry and hosts industry workshops to groom models and actors. She books locally and nationally and has placed models in markets such as New York, Miami, Paris, Milan, South Africa and more! Her dedication and passion is an inspiration for Entrepreneurs everywhere.  Recently, I was able to pick Sasha's brain to learn more about her and her business.

Sasha Speiker, Sasha Models

  • How did you get your start in model management and what made you want to start your own agency?

I graduated with a teaching degree and wanted to teach about what I was passionate about so I started teaching acting classes at an agency and loved it! I took over as the director working directly with the Nebraska department of education writing curriculum and branching out to provide students in District 66 with industry workshops. I eventually decided to start my own agency as I was looking to be able to give the education needed and to give the models and actors the opportunity to branch out and work all around the world.

  • When starting out, what was one major challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

One challenge I faced was how to find models and actors in the Omaha area who are serious about the industry. I don't promote a lot as I am a boutique agency so I am smaller and more selective to those interested and dedicated. I now have an extremely talented group of models and actors who work and send others my way so I now have people contacting me from all over the world to be discovered. Its amazing! 

Sasha Models Photo Shoot

  • What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business, whether in fashion or not?

Advice I would give....

Be patient as the business will take time to build. The process is well worth it, especially when you are doing what you love. Create good solid relationships within your area of work and stay focused and positive!

  • Does living in Omaha add extra challenges to your business since Omaha is maybe not seen as a “fashion hub”? What are your thoughts on Omaha when it comes to fashion and the fashion industry?

Omaha is a very small market. There is enough work here, but if its a goal to be a full time working model, its a must to travel as well to target the right market to work and make money.

Sasha Models 1 Sasha Models 2 Sasha Models 3

If you could invite anyone to lunch, who would it be and why?

If I could invite anyone to lunch I would invite Nancy Bounds. She was my very first agent and is very dear to my heart. She taught me a lot about the business and I believe she had a lot to do with my desire to be an agent.

  • Being a mom of three, how do you juggle it all? 

I feel very fortunate that I am able to live out my passion as a teacher of the industry and an agent and also be a full time Mom! My family means the world to me and I couldn't do it without them. Its tough to juggle sometimes, but its all worth it! Lots of coffee and late nights!

  • Where do you see the future of Sasha Models? Where are you hoping to take it?

For the future of Sasha Models, I am so excited to continue to grow and be a part of these amazing opportunities for the talented people I get to work with.

  • With body image and “loving your true self” a huge social mantra right now, what would you tell girls wanting to be models who maybe don’t fit the typical “model stereotype”?

Modeling now is about so many different sizes and shapes. Its really about loving the best YOU and sharing that with everyone else.

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