5 Ways to Stack a Simple Pendant Necklace

Necklace layers are all the rage and can be simply done by choosing a few of your favorite pieces, stacking them up and wrapping them around your neck, but it’s always fun to step outside the box and try something new. A simple pendant necklace can be the perfect addition to a bold stack or the cherry on top of a big statement piece. Whatever your style, here are a few things to consider when stacking a simple pendant necklace.

Charmed Necklace Layers

  • Charmed Mix- Three simple pieces paired together make a cute little statement.  Choose charms that offer something different and are not too matchy.  Consider adding in a little sparkle with something more matte and maybe a touch of whimsy with something plain.  I like wearing two pieces of the same length and setting them off center.  Think about adding something unexpected.

Contrasting Chains Layer Mix

  • Contrasting Chains - If you want something more bold, try choosing a thin dainty chain paired with something chunky.  To balance out the different chain styles choose pendants that compliment whether in shape, style or color.  Don't be afraid to go big.

Vintage Statement Layers

  • Statement Layers - Nothing says "style" more than a big chunky vintage necklace and this Whiting and Davis piece truly stands out.  With a dainty Flamingo Intaglio tucked underneath, they look is as if they are one piece.  This combo would be a show stopper over a solid turtle neck or maybe a denim button up.

Mixed Metal Layers

  • Mixed Metals - I love to mix different metallic colors together.  Creating a layered look is the perfect opportunity to play around with different metals and pair them together in an inventive way.  Try copper with gold or gold and silver. With whatever combination you choose, you can't go wrong.

Long Layers

  • Long Layers - When going for a longer stack, I love to add a big pendant at the bottom to give some weight and then pair it up top with something simple.  There is a lot of room to play around with when you go long, so maybe add a rope chain or something thick in the middle to add interesting texture.

When choosing your stack make sure and pick items that go together, but don't necessarily match.  Add a unique vintage piece with some of your designer favorites for a look that cannot be copied.  Layered jewelry is a statement of its own so make it unique and true to your personal style.  For more pieces seen above, check out all of Haute Bauble's pendants and vintage pieces.